Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SU! Papers are da best!

So, being the daughter of a "tight-wad" as she calls herself....and so do we, haha...I try to save money when and where I can...sometimes anyway (I may have a shopping problem...but it's only a problem if you admit it, right???? Hahaha).

So in the past, I've gone to Hobby Lobby for my basic cardstock in black and white. I've been noticing lately that when I cut it, it does not cut near as cleanly as SU! papers do and is WAAAAYYYY flimsy. I wanted to make a wedding card with a white base but there is no way I'm using that flimsy paper. Guess I'll have to wait for my demo kit to arrive. I really used to think what's the difference, it's just paper (even thought I've used SU! colored CS forever since I luv thier colors!). Well I'm sold on SU! exclusivley now and will definately be letting my customers know this. I'm going to save my "crappy" paper to show them the difference. So just like I won't buy generic peanut butter (Jif baby!) I won't be buying generic cardstock anymore...some things you just can't go cheap on!

PS: Promise to start posting pics soon:-)

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  1. SU is about the best in everything! I've used the comparison idea before when doing the demo thing and it works. I tell them I won't even use my FREE paper from a mainline scrapbook chain!! Welcome to the blogging neighborhood. Hope to hear lots from you! BTW...cute puppy on your sidebar.


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