Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Full Term!

Hi stampers!  So today Baby B hits 39 weeks which is officially full term so he can come any time (well anytime later today AFTER his granny gets here).  My mom is coming today to "move in" for a few weeks.  She wants to stay for a week after he comes (and so do we) so I'm hoping he comes sooner than later so we don't end up driving each other nuts (lol) and she doesn't have to be stuck here for like a month.  I feel bad for basically having her life put on hold at home but she wants to.  But, she's busier being retired than she was working so I still feel bad lol!  I think she may secretly be looking forward to it so she can "rest" hahahaha!  I think it's going to make my hubby feel really good that I'm not home alone all day now so that she can help me with things and I'll have someone here if I should go into labor and it takes him a while to get home from work. I'm very lucky that the loves her almost as much as I do:-)  And she probably likes him better than me most of the time as he's generally nicer to her than I may be, ha!  They totally gang up on me!!!!! Gotta love the mother daughter relationship, right???? :-)

My guess is he will come Friday.  Why?  Well because I finally hit submit on an order with the rest of the blendability markers and they are scheduled to come I will probably not get to use them lol!  Isn't that the way the world works for anyone else????? :-)

I'm happy to say I got the "thing" removed from my neck yesterday which of course turned into a whole ordeal.  I'm one of the lucky FIVE percent to get a pyloric granuloma (read ugly blood blister hemangioma type thing) on my neck.  They often leave them as they may go away after birth but mine was growing scary fast and would bleed which was fun....NOT!  So, the OB was going to just take care of it until it grew so much in a week that they sent me to a derm.  Which of course it was hard to get in on short notice and then we had some plumbing issues (hubby is in the doghouse...don't ask)  so I had to try to juggle the plumber and the appointment, ugh!  BUT, I really liked the derm and I'm happy to say she got rid of it in minutes with zero pain!  Here's hoping to it staying gone!!!

Anyway, I'm rambling but I do that...and I'm trying to pass the time until momma gets here.  I SHOULD be doing more productive things as I have a list of stuff to do today!  I'm hoping to stamp a little too.  I need to make myself do the not fun stuff first...but we'll see how that goes :-)

So, I'll share this card really quick. It's nothing fancy and uses some retired ribbon but it's cute nonetheless.  I hopes to motivate me to stamp and increase my creativity I organized some stuff in my studio the other night.  I really cleaned up my ribbon storage and got all the current stuff together.  I tend to feel more creative when I'm neat and organized.  But, it's not always easy to go through things.  I tend to feel overwhelmed sometimes so I just ignore whatever the task is, lol!  But I'm glad I did it and went through my DSP and cleared that out as well. We will see if it helps.  Maybe it was like stamping nesting, hahaha!

I'm having a bit of a hard time getting a good image with this cloud stamp from the hello love hostess set.  I'll have to keep working on it!  I finally gave up the other night and it is what it is :-)

Stamps:  Hello love (hostess)
Paper:  Whisper white, basic gray, hello honey, moonlight DSP stack
Ink:  Hello honey, lost lagoon
Accessories:  Circle punches, dazzling details, basic gray taffeta ribbon (retired)

It's hard to see in the photo but the little chubby bird (I love him) has some dazzling details on his belly.

And that's it.  A simple little card.  Now to see what I actually get done today.  I suppose a shower should be first up!

Happy stamping!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Freaking Sad

Hi stampers!  So while I'm super excited about Baby Backes's arrival I'm also pretty sad since his due date was so close to convention I'm grounded from travel.  And I totally want to go as it would be a great way to pass the last week or so when I'm just waiting, waiting, waiting....don't think I didn't seriously consider it :-)  BUT I'm barely comfortable in the car driving 5 minutes to the docs office or grocery store so a 3-4 hour plane ride is probably out of the question, lol!  But you can bet I'm making plans (and so is Grandma) for convention next year! ;-)  The worst thing might be that since I'm pregnant I'm pretty much hungry 24/7 (which isn't all that odd for me at any time lol) and SLC has some AMAZING food that I'm missing lol!  As well as all the fun, the excitement, and most of all my friends!  I'll miss you all and I'll be glued to the computer and social media trying to keep up with the happenings.

Anyway, if I couldn't be there the next best thing would be blog hopping with the Control Freaks, right? You should have just come from Melissa Davies blog.  Weren't her projects awesome?  If you got here by chance, don't worry as we make a big loop!  Just keep clicking!

While I can't be there to swap with them I can see what they are swapping anyway!  I'll just pretend I'm swapping with them :-)  And it means I can do anything for my cards, I get a "free for all" :-)  So, I pretty much played around and came up with these beauties!  I'm still struggling to be inspired but this was fun and even though it takes me a lot longer to come up with an idea and a card I like, it's still fun! For some reason I don't think they are showing up well so please click on the pictures to enlarge them for a closer look!

First up, I really love the hello love hostess set (and I don't normally go for those...can't say that this year) and the combination of lost lagoon and hello honey!  Isn't that ribbon just yummy????

Stampin' Supplies:
Stamps:  Hello love
Paper:  Whisper white, hello honey, lost lagoon
Ink:  Hello honey, lost lagoon
Accessories:  Lost lagoon stitched satin ribbon, linen thread, woodgrain embossing folder, dotted scalloped punch

Next up, I've also been obsessed with the color combo of calypso coral, blushing bride, and hello honey.  Thank you color coach!  Add in some crumb cake and kraft and wow!  The little banner die cut is the kraft cardstock stamped in crumb cake ink.  Now, I kind of wish I'd embossed it with clear, that would have looked neat!
Stampin' Supplies:
Stamps:  Choose happiness
Paper:  Very vanilla, crumb cake, kraft card stock
Ink:  Blushing bride, calypso coral, hello honey
Accessories:  Linen thread, gold sequin trim, hello honey stitched satin ribbon, banner framelits

And finally after the first two cards a bit vintage this one is more clean and modern.  I actually stamped this one during one of the convention live feeds so it's sort of like I was there and it was cool to actually stamp during a stamping presentation!

Stampin' Supplies:
Stamps:  Something to say
Paper:  Whisper white, sahara sand, blackberry bliss, moonlight DSP stack
Ink:  Blackberry bliss
Accessories:  Artisan label punch, itty bitty accents punch pack

And there you have it.  I hope that any of my freaky friends would have loved to gotten one of these as a swap.  And I hope they know I sure did miss them!  I'm really hoping I can see them next year!  And I'm really hoping Baby B stays put until after the 25th as they just announced the convention dates. If not, he may have to get used to having his birthday in SLC :-)

Now, you can click here or on the graphic to see Debbie Henderson's amazing projects and keep hopping along!

Thanks for visiting!  Happy stamping!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fab Friday 46

Hi stampers and happy Friday!  I may be sad because I'm missing convention (although waiting on Baby Backes is a pretty good reason not to go) but at least we have a fun color challenge for you over at Fab Friday!   It's bright and summery!

I missed the live streaming at convention this morning since my dad and step mom finally came to visit but I'm trying to keep up best I can with FB, blogs, and twitter!  There's some fabulous stuff coming!  More so, I just miss seeing my friends!!!  So, I consoled myself with my stamps while making this card for the challenge.....

Ok, time to get some stuff done!  Nesting is still going strong when my energy level is!

Make sure to check out the Fab Friday site and play along with us!

Happy stamping!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

HSS 190

Hi stampers and Happy Tuesday....I think it's Tuesday....all day Monday I kept thinking it was Tuesday for no good reason!  Thank goodness it's not though because my dad and step mom are coming on Wednesday and thanks to a 3am insomnia wake up call Monday morning and a hair appointment (priorities people) I got NO cleaning done!  Who knew sitting for 2.5 hours while being pampered could be so exhausting lol!  Actually the main problem was all the sitting made my feet swell so I had to get those babies up when I got home.  And then that led to a nap thanks to the early morning wake up call which unfortunately will probably end in MORE insomnia (I'm trying to "stay up late" as I write this...key word trying although I'm not sure how well it's going to work or how long I'll last).  What a vicious cycle! I did at least get dinner made and my first of many freezer meals prepped!  Now to try to get the rest done today and get that cleaning done...and probably wishful thinking but some stamping thrown in too.

AND my card for this weeks challenge at Hand Stamped Sentiments!  We have a fun sketch for you!

So, my card isn't super creative or fancy and pretty much follows the sketch element for element but I tried to put it together pretty fast so I could get my feet back up.  Kind of hard to stamp with your feet up ;-)  I really wish I was getting more time to stamp but stuff keeps coming up (like that hair appointment) that I need to do instead or I'm just too lazy, ha!  Anyway, here's my card!

Make sure to check out all the other samples from the design team and play along with us!  Stamp some for me since I'm not managing to get it done, ok????

Happy stamping!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kraft Cardstock & Color Coach

Hi stampers!  Ok, I know it's a K and three C's but that's a lot of alliteration :-)  But I wanted to tell you about one of my new favorite items in the new catalog!  The 12 x 12 kraft cardstock!  It's seriously awesome!  You get 12 sheets for $5.95 (item #133674) so that can go a long way!  

It's a bit darker than our crumb cake cardstock, it's a bit more fibrous looking, and a bit heavier.  As the picture from SU shows, it would make great die cuts.  It would also be great for gift packaging and 3D items and I'm having fun stamping on it!  It stamps really well!  You can see that here in this card where I stamped on it with crumb cake and island indigo!

Stampin' Supplies:
Stamps:  Kinda eclectic
Paper:  Whisper white, Crumb cake, island indigo, kraft card stock
Ink:  Island indigo, hello honey, tangelo twist
Accessories:  Natural ribbon (retired, whoops), linen thread, very vintage designer buttons, basic rhinestones, elegant and bitty butterfly punches

I'm also loving the kinda eclectic stamp set!  I tried to resist it but saw it was a convention set so I knew I'd be seeing fabulous stuff with it so I better get it so I wasn't UBER sad when convention rolled around :-)

And one more thing....this color combo....I would have never tried it had it not been on the color coach card!  It's totally not a "me" combo but I LOVE it!  The cards always have fresh and fun combos so make sure to grab them if you haven't already!

Happy stamping!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Baby Backes Bumpdate

Hi stampers!  I know I haven't really given any bumpdates and I've got no excuse except for all the crazy with the move and pure pregnancy laziness :-)  But people have been asking and there's no way I can do individual emails so here we go.  I'm 37 weeks now which means the little guy should be here in about 3 weeks.  I'm still sad to miss convention but it's the best reason to have to miss!  I'll be glued to the computer in a few weeks trying to soak up any news...although that won't do much for getting anything done around the house....not that I've been good at that lately anyway, ha!

I've been rather tired and lazy the past few weeks and finally having some discomfort.  I have been pretty lucky to have rather mild and "easy" symptoms all pregnancy but as he and I get bigger I am feeling some pain and discomfort. He kicks me a lot and hard and actually makes my belly and muscles quite sore!  I really never talked to anyone who's baby moved this much and this hard!  The ultrasound tech even commented on it once, lol!  He also likes to wedge a foot or something in my mid-back which isn't any fun!  I also have some burning muscle and nerve paint at the top of my belly which I guess is common in short people like me.  I guess it's a trade off since I don't have much pelvic pain yet at all.  But overall I can't really complain.  I'm still working out or at least walking sometimes up to 4 miles most days of the week but honestly sometimes that's really all I get done, lol!  I was anemic and feeling pretty wiped out from that but I just found out my numbers now are really good so I'm glad that's gotten better.  Jon was sad to hear it as he thought it would mean a decrease in red meat for dinner (which I had upped when I found out) ha!  I told him I need to keep my levels up so beef is on the menu for a while still!!!! Men!  Haha!   And speaking of daddy, I'm happy to say he made it through our birth class with flying colors.  He's pretty squeamish about medical stuff so it could have taken a turn for the worse :-)  And some of the things that annoy/bother me are just funny and things I'd never really think of.  For instance, I can't do dishes and work at the sink very comfortably.  Being short, the biggest part of my belly sticks out RIGHT at the edge of the island and it's literally hard to reach the faucet and soap!  LOL!  Who would have thought!  Putting my gym shoes on is also a challenge.  I swear, walking 4 miles is easier than THAT!  I'm excited to have my body back as in just belonging to ME and not sharing it, lol! And being able to put my shoes on without doing some weird breathing and yoga moves and being able to do the dishes comfortably lol!

So, overall I can't really complain as it's been an easy and uncomplicated pregnancy so far and I feel very lucky seeing what some women go through!  It makes me nervous to go for number two in case I'm not so lucky the second time lol!  That's part of the reason I'm an only child! Seriously, my mom said it was easy the first time and she didn't want to tempt fate the second, lol!  And I have a good friend who's on number two and was sick every single day for two whole trimesters after not being sick at all with her first.  You just never know!

Here's me at 35 weeks. At that point I was up about 20 pounds which was my target weight from my old OB taking into account that I was teaching a lot of aerobics.  Needless to say, now that I'm not doing that I may gain a tad more, lol!   But I'm happy to say that's not even a maternity skirt!  It's one of the very few things I had from before that I can squeeze into :-)  I think this might be my most favorite outfit to date.  I love clothes the way I love stamps so dressing the belly has been fun for me!  And I just realized my skirt matches my card!  It's totally coastal cabana, ha!

And you can't come without seeing a card of course.  These are the quick and easy thank you's I made up for my baby shower hostesses.  Which reminds me, I really need to try to see if anyone has pictures from that day and show you the decorations I made!!!!

Stampin' Supplies:
Stamps:  Something for baby, lots of thanks
Paper:  Whisper white, coastal cabana
Ink:  So saffron, coastal cabana
Accessories:  Baby's first framelits

And that's pretty much it.  Thank you to everyone for your prayers and comments and support during this whole journey to have little Baby Backes!  It means more to me than you'll ever know!  I can't wait to share his arrival with you and probably all the silliness that he's going to bring if he's anything like his daddy ;-)

Happy stamping!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Oh Snap! I have lost it!

Hi stampers!  So I've officially lost it!  No, not my mind....a stamp!  Or at least I did for a short time.  First time ever I think!  I'm usually fairly mindful to put my stamps back immediately after use so I don't lose them or throw them away with my mess because I would totally do that.

Last week I finally felt inspired and sat down to make some cards and only wanted to do ONE thing!  I wanted to use the single camera stamp and color it with my blendies and use the "Oh Snap" sentiment from......  It's the SINGLE reason I broke down and bought the silly camera stamp.  So, I got to get the sentiment.....uh....What.  The.  Heck?   Where is it?  CRAP!  So I look through ALL my sets that were near it (I have a weird storage system now, I'll show you sometime soon I hope) thinking I've put it in another case by chance.  Nope, no dice.  All I wanted to do was make this ONE flipping card lol!!!!  I finally got mad (hubby even asked me what was going on as I was talking to myself and stomping around and my room is right outside his "office" although he got a new desk this weekend and moved over a bit so I get to cabbage onto his old space and desk, yay...he wanted to be closer to the TV!)

So, I got up and turned off my work lights and gathered my stuff and just happened to walk by some stamps that I'd JUST moved.  They were stamps from SAB and the expired occasions.  And it hit me, I had used that sentiment with the Peachy Keen set since it had the camera image.  Could it be in there????  I should ONLY be so lucky!  Wouldn't you know it!  Opened it up and there it was, oh happy day!  LOL!  Guess it's good I got mad and stomped around or I may not have walked by there and happened to think about it! But the bad news was I wasted all my energy looking for it and being PO'd so I didn't feel like finishing the card lol!  Figures, right????

Anyway, I finished it a few days later. So here it is:-)
Stampin' Supplies:
Stamps:  Snapshot, hip notes
Paper:  Whisper white, basic black, coastal cabana
Ink:  Momento, blendabilities (daffodil delight, coastal cabana)
Accessories:  On film framelits, essentials woodcuts, arrows embossing folder

Sorry the picture is not great.  But the 9 month pregnant woman isn't hauling the baby bump down the stairs to take another:-)

Any of you ever lose a stamp?  Did you find it?  Do you put them away right away or let them pile up on your desk?  I really don't lose many things in stamping and my "real" life but it's always awful when I do!  I have a favorite pair of fleece sweatpants that have just up and disappeared and an under armor fleece...I have a feeling someone at the gym inherited them both :-)

I'll try to have some tips on coloring with the blendies once I play with them some more.  There is a learning curve for sure but I like them.  I'm not good with other alcohol markers so these are great for me since they are easy and take a lot of the guess work out.  The one thing I will mention is that you need to use momento ink.  Staz on will bleed.  And the momento works great as just a regular black ink as well!

Happy stamping!
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