Friday, October 29, 2010

13 Days of Halloween - Days 12

Hi stampers!  I'm back with day 12 and I have a fabulous project for you today.  I found a super spooky and cool candleabra at Target a while back but didn't get it because I didn't NEED it.  But then I found this great idea on a blog from a fellow demo (you can see her fab blog here). I just had to order the nit owl DSP after I saw her candles.  NOW, before I get any hate mail about the dangers of paper and adhesives and flames these will NEVER be lit and are for decoration only!  My dad AND step dad were both firemen before they retired so I'm an expert on fire safety!  :-)  So here are my candles. 

They were easy to make and I just used plain white candles.  I simply trimmed the DSP to fit the candle (making sure I had the image I wanted well centered).  I then ruffled some waffle paper (love that stuff) on the back on both the top and bottom.  The part that took the longest was the glitter.  I used some crystal effects and just piped a thin line across each edge and sprinkled on the silver glass glitter and let it dry for a long while.  After it was dry, it was just a matter of a couple of strips of sticky strip to adhere to the candle. 

I just love them!  They are so spooky with the black and white and the hint of the silver glitter!  They worked perfect with the candle holder too!  I just love the black dangly crystals! 

Hope you like it.  See you tomorrow with my final's almost time for one of my favorite holidays!  I'm all decked out in 80's style stuff for work today...sadly I'll probably just look goofy since I'll probably be the only one dressed up...

Happy stamping!

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