Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Easy Peasy!

So I never would have gotten this set if it were not a convention set but it is SO CUTE!  And you know how we had the little chat a while back about how I don't do much in the way of other sizes of cards?  Well, I started doing some 3 x 3's with Easy Events the other night and before you know it my desk was COVERED in them!  I made it my personal mission in life to do a card with each of the eight images, lol!  Check these little babies out!

See, aren't they cute????  I tried to showcase our new in colors with them although I did use some other colors here and there!  I kept the layout the same on all the cards for ease of stamping and I'm really liking the Borderlines set that I also got at convention with my plus fun class.  That's where all those polka dots came from.  I actually took the idea from one of the squares in my shadow box for that class (and I'm working on it SLOWLY so one day I WILL have a finished project to show you, hehe).  The images were also fun to color with my classic inks and blender pen.

After I had them all done though, I needed SOMETHING to corral some of them so I put together this cute little box:

Look familiar?  That's because it's actually made with the scallop envelope die!  You just cut out two and lop off the bottoms so that they fit together.  Bend the front envelope flap down and use some sticky strip to stick it down and tie a ribbon on (oh I guess I did stamp it before I assembled it) and you're done!  You could add a tag or embellishment which I probably will do at some point if I end up gifting this to someone.  These would make a great little gift for sure!  Of course they don't all fit in there so I better go make some more;-)

Happy stamping!

And PS:  I'm not listing all the colors and supplies I used since there were so many, please forgive me but I'm working a TON of hours right now and I'd rather stamp than type:-D  If you have questions please feel free to ask!


  1. So cute! Love making the mini cards since you can really make them quick, so just fun to do. Great idea to keep the layout the same & just change up the colors & shapes of the stamped images.

  2. Very Clever Mindy! I like the Scallop Envelope box


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