Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Hi stampers.  We TRY to get rid of our leftovers here in the Backes household but we don't always do so good.  Jon gets tired of eating the same thing for lunch and the same thing for dinner sometimes and I like a lighter lunch than what we usually have for dinner.  But we try!  And something that I often forget about are my rubbah leftovers!  Huh?  What do I mean?  Well sometimes a stamp set has some leftovers.  Like daydream has a little circle that punches out and being the hoarder...I mean....frugal person I am I can't throw that away!!!!  :-)

So, when I started out making this card I knew I wanted to do some kind of fun background and polka dots seemed like they would be good since they make me happy!  BUT since my very favorite polka dot stamp of all time distressed dots is retired I wanted to do something else...not that I'll stop using it or EV-AH get rid of it but I just wanted different.  So, I went on the hunt for a polka dot....I knew I had a few leftovers in my stash and I ran into the one on this card!  Perfect!!!

Stampin' Suppplies:
Stamps:  Yippie-skippie, gorgeous grunge, daydream medallions
Paper:  Crisp cantaloupe, canvas creations
Ink:  Crisp cantaloupe, strawberry slush, Bermuda bay
Accessories:  In color details, itty bitty punch pack, basic rhinestones

Isn't it just super cute!  I also FINALLY broke out my canvas creations sheet (so glad those showed up in the big catalog since I never used them) for my banner.  Gotta use those more as they are really cool. As for the dots, if you don't have any leftovers you could always use sponge dauber!  They make good polka dots too!

I got the sewing machine out too!  I'm NOT good at sewing on my cards but I need to try it more!  I thought it would be cool with the canvas sheet!

It's been a rough week so far so I've got this card hanging up in my stamp space because just looking at it makes me a little happier!  You really can't have too much happy :-)

And speaking of....happy stamping :-)

Oh and happy three year anniversary to me and my wonderful-stamping supportive- hubby!  He comes and visits me and gives me kisses when I'm in my stamp room and always humors me by looking at my creations when I visit him in the man cave!  I love him....I think I'll keep him ;-)  As long as he got me a card today unlike the Valentine's Day card fiasco, LOL!!!!

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  1. Love how simple and effective this is! Soooo cute!


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