Thursday, July 18, 2013

Live from Salt Lake

Hi stampers, I don't have a card to share today but I just wanted to say HI from Salt Lake!  I got in yesterday evening and went to Lydia's happy hour which was tons of fun!  A good chunk of the Fab Friday team was there and it was so fun to see/meet them!  Check it out!

Sorry Cindy got cut off a little...Instagram is annoying sometimes!  There is a lot planned from here on out but I'll try to post when/if I can and I'll try to update Twitter!  You can follow me at BadaBingStamps.  If you're here make sure to say hey and if not I'll try to keep you posted!  Time to go head out now that we've done our early morning run!!!!  I don't think I'd hate running so much if I lived here!  It's so pretty...and DRY, lol!

Happy stamping!

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