Tuesday, December 3, 2013

HSS 174

Hi stampers!  Happy Tuesday!  I know, I know...it's been forever but I'm TELLING you life is super crazy right now!  We have a LOT going on!  We had the holiday of course where we hosted my mom and step-dad for a few days so they kept me busy.

Right now, I'm posting from a hotel room where we are looking for possible ideas of places to live.  If I haven't mentioned it my hubby has quit his job and is in the process of looking at some options for a new one so obviously you see that I've got a good excuse, right? :-)  So....I had to rely on MDS for this week's Hand Stamped Sentiment challenge!

I love MDS for this reason!  It's totally portable so you can do projects on the fly so to speak as well as scrapbook things pretty much wherever you are!  So I came up with a cute and quick little Christmas card!

It's super simple but super cute I think!  Now, make sure to check out the HSS site and play along!

I promise to get in my stamp room this week and share (unless something ELSE crazy comes up, lol)!

And please keep us in your thoughts and prayers during this stressful and crazy time!!!!!  There are lots of things going on and with the holidays it's just nuts!  ME, the Christmas freak hasn't even gotten the tree up yet!  Yeesh!  And I HATE moving with a passion so this should be fun!  I'd rather clean toilets with a toothbrush and that's saying something because I'm kind of freaked out of toilets too!  ;-)

Happy stamping!


  1. love the card. good luck with the job search and the home search.

  2. Mindy,

    Your simple card is stunning! I too go to MDS for quick and easy projects. TFS

  3. Mindy, I hope that life will settle down for you quickly. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers.

  4. Well, that is a super sweet card! I love the bright star, it's perfect and very hip for Christmas. I hope the trip has been a success!


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