Tuesday, February 25, 2014

HSS 180

Hi stampers!  Well I wasn't sure I'd be participating in the Hand Stamped Sentiments challenge this week as my stamp room currently looks like the tornado which hit near here last week hit here instead!

UGH!  This two week closing business is for the birds or at least not for stampers!  The main problem though, was that we are getting an apartment and movers through the new job so instead of just being able to take care of things ourselves we are at the mercy of other people.  We have to call someone who calls someone who waits for a call back from someone...you get the idea....SO I had NO idea when the movers were going to come until a few days ago (hard to plan things when you don't know) AND we won't have an apartment until a couple of days AFTER they move us.  Of course we have places to stay so that isn't a big deal except for they can't make a second drop if it's not on the same day.  So, I have to schlep around everything I think we may need in the foreseeable future which is like half my stamp room of course a long with a ton of clothes due to the seasons changing and lots of other stuff (and I've never traveled light to begin with!  And I do NOT trust other people to pack my craft stuff.  And we can't really get easy access to our stuff should we need something...so that's fun!  Have I mentioned I HATE moving??? :-)

So, I'm going to be busy sorting and packing other stuff in the house we may need as we really have no idea how long we could be in an apartment.  Thankfully my wonderful momma is here to lend me moral support (the main thing I need) and help me!  Anyway, now you why if you don't hear from me for a while, lol!

But I managed to clear a spot and use this sketch to come up with a quick card!

And here's the card.

It's not my best work but hey, I was working in a disaster zone :-)  I'm also in a rush so the whole list will have to wait.  I used the colors from the Dynamic Duos challenge:  Melon mambo, tangerine tango, wild wasabi.  The paper is retro fresh and the stamp is from the new Hip Hip Hooray kit!

Ok, gotta jet.  Go check out the DT samples and play along!  I'll be packing.... :-)

Happy stamping!


  1. Hang in there, Mindy! Things will eventually settle down! It could be worse--I'm a military wife, and in the past 10 years we've moved six times and been in limbo for several months at a stretch twice, during which time my dogs and I lived with my parents while hubs was in training. We've lived in three US states and two foreign countries, and this summer we'll be moving across the ocean again. I'm not happy that I most likely won't get to see any of my stamps for probably at least two months!

  2. Your card is very happy looking, and hey, you should be celebrating! Moving is no fun but the end result will be wonderful! I hope this week is smoother and everything is looking up :)


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