Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Best of Inentions

Hi stampers!  So, I had the best of intentions for stamping and posting this week...and then I had to schedule a trip home (well actually farther than my mom's house...a four hour drive with pregnant sciatica is SUPER fun, ha) for a funeral.  Of course it will be nice to see my family and my mom and I'm sure she'll enjoy seeing my baby belly (she requires pictures...which reminds me I'm 22 weeks today so she'll have to TAKE  a picture when I get there tonight) and feeling him kick.  I do feel bad about leaving Jon all by himself after we had been living separate for about three months!  I didn't talk about it on my blog but he had been living in Chicago since January while I stayed with our house so earlier this month we are finally under the same roof :-)  But I made sure to make a big casserole last night to leave him dinner so he doesn't have to cook after work and working out....of course I'm not sure he wouldn't look for an excuse to get pizza or something fun lol!  And I may have to take my girl scout cookies with me as he said they aren't safe here hahahaha!

Anyway, I had planned on stamping all this week but that's flown out the window.  I have a few things saved up so maybe I can blog on location.  We'll see.  And if I get my rear in gear in the next few minutes I may be able to get the Fab Friday challenge done for this week. Otherwise, I'll have to sit this one out.  Anyway I have a  cute little card to share today that I made way back when and took the picture at the picture looks awesome compared to the ones I've taken here.  It makes me sad, lol!  I've got to find a way to take better pictures here!!  And can't wait to have my new stamp room set up...would it be wrong if I set it up first?  I mean, the kitchen and bathroom and other "necessities" can wait right?????? :-)

So I don't usually love tangerine tango (although I tend to use it at Halloween) I do love it in the retro fresh DSP!  I'm sure this is a sketch or challenge from somewhere but now I don't remember where!  Oops!

Ok, time to try to get busy before spin class, packing, and loading the doggie up for the trip!

Happy stamping!


  1. Lovely to see you here and Nice to hear Baby s doing fine :)
    And I live your card :)

  2. Isn't stamping a necessity?? Lol. Also, a late congrats on finding out you're having a baby boy! Fun! You're 22 weeks today?! Wow, I am also 22 weeks this week but started on Sunday. I'm not sure how exact it all is anyhow. Lol. I'm not sure yet if we'll be having a boy or girl yet.
    Well safe travels and I am sorry for your loss. Being near family is good at times like this.


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