Friday, August 15, 2014

Fab Friday 48

Hi stampers!  This new mom thing is a hard gig!  He's been pretty good but we haven't been home much with the extra hospital stay so we aren't in the groove yet.  So this post is short!   Head over to Fab Friday and play along, ok?  And take a nap for me!

EDITED:  So the wonderful DT I have surprised me with a welcome Baby Ian theme!  I'm so surprised and it means so much that they thought of us!  And for once I actually worked ahead and had a card ready to go lol!  So, I'll leave the card up and we'll do the colors sometime later :-)  I have the best DT and more importantly, FRIENDS ever!  Thank you guys so much and thanks to everyone who plays along with us!  I had a super rough mommy day yesterday so this just makes my heart happy (and we had a much better night last night!)!!!!!  Love you all!!!!

Happy stamping!

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