Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Warmth and Cheer

Hi stampers!  This card is pretty appropriate since we got our first snow of the season over the weekend and it was pretty significant.  Ian really loved it so it was fun to come out of church and see him all amazed and excited.  We played outside for a few when we got home and he really liked to catch snowflakes, hehe!

I can't wait to print out some pictures and get to work on my December Project Life album!

Anyway here's my cozy card using wrapped in warmth.  I used the decorative masks to make a sweater print background and I think it goes well with the plaid!  I actually cased a small card in the holiday catalog and turned it into this larger card.  Remember that caseing doesn't have to mean copying exactly!

Hope you're staying cozy and warm wherever you are!

Happy stamping!

1 comment:

  1. The knit fabrics works very well with the sweater print look of the red background! Awesome!


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