Thursday, January 12, 2017

One In A Dozen

Hi stampers!  I think I mentioned in a previous post that my grandma had chickens.  Some of my best memories of the farm are gathering the eggs with her and when they would get baby chicks!  I loved to go hold them!  The egg collecting was fun but it scared me too, I wouldn't reach in under a chicken like my granny :-)

This stamp brings back memories for me, packing the eggs up in cartons!  I always wished she'd had some of the chickens that laid colored (as in other than brown, her chickens always laid brown eggs...I still pass up white eggs for brown at the grocery store) eggs.  We'll pretend this egg is one of those!

Now get ready for the real shocker, the world's laziest stamper, pulled out the stamp-a-ma-jig!  Can you believe it?  I TRIED to do it freehand but failed.  The back side of the background panel looks terrible, lol!  And as a little tip, I used a couple of post it notes to stick my paper down so that it wouldn't move when I moved the SAMJ.  I'm too lazy to always do that but it made a huge difference!!!!

I'll probably send this one to my momma too, she has the same fond memories of chickens that I do and I still wish she could have some :-)

Happy stamping!

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