Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Spiders and Bugs and Snakes, Oh My!

Hi stampers!  So, Oklahoma has a lot of all the things I hate! ICK!  Sort of rethinking our move after finding a huge wolf spider in the bathroom the other night!  And seeing people post pictures of huge snakes on our HOA page!  Not to mention I STEPPED on a baby snake on my run the other day!  I still have the heebie-jeebies from it!

So, I guess this card is appropriate with it's creepy spiders!

The chandelier bundle in the holiday catalog is super cute!  I used it here without the framelits to show you don't NEED them (but you'll totally want them).  I was also trying to do pretty simple and fast cards this weekend.  It's got a few of the black rhinestones on it too!  I love those!  I colored my candles in with our markers even though there is a stamp to fill them in.  I totally didn't see it though lol!

And can we talk about the shimmer ribbon for a second?  OMGosh it's gorgeous!  It's not overly sparkly but it's just so pretty and so soft! It ties like a dream!

Happy stamping!

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