Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On a personal note, I thought I'd add some pics just for fun. I said we'd been busy and one of the things we did was go to a wedding near Chicago for a good friend of mine, we seem to keep the road hot. The wedding was interesting (my first Catholic wedding....loooonnnng:-) and by the time the reception rolled around we were a little silly and hungry so some interesting pics were taken. It's also fun/funny to hear and see people's reactions to us when they find out we are dating...again. Jon and I dated in high school when I was a senior and he a sophomore for about 6 months and went to prom together and everything. We lost touch for the most part for over 10 years but facebook recently brought us together....and his brother who was a patient of mine in rehab (hello HIPPA violation, hahaha). So it's kind of funny to see people who knew us and think we have been together for over 10 after 10 years together I'd hope we'd be a long time ago, hahaha. We joke that we will just tell everyone we have been together that long at my 10 year reunion that's coming up just to see what people say, hahaha. Anyway I'm going to post a blast from the past....a pic of us at prom in 1999 and then one from this past Christmas. The other one is from the wedding...and us being goofy...we needed some food like 10 minutes ago!!!! Since I can't get them to post in any sort of order, you figure out which is which, haha.

THere is also one of Ellie, my TFT listening to some tunes and me in my rubber room with new rubber....that's what Jon calls my stamp face. Hope you enjoy some of the non stamping stuff!

And speaking of Ellie, I have some friends/family that post about thier kids. Well, I have a furry four legged kid for now, hoping to have the two legged sweet smelling real kind one day (in the no too far but not toooo soon future:-), but I'm going to post about my "baby" anyway. She is just so funny. As I'm sitting in the living room I can hear her in the bedroom, Jon went to bed about an hour ago and she went with him but came out here a bit ago, walked into the front room then back to the bedroom. Then she starts whining....she wants in the bed, I know this, it's what she does...EVEN THOUGH she can jump on the bed whenever she wants to....say if there is hot laundry out of the dryer (oh she KNOWS when that door opens the clothes are HOT HOT HOT) or if we are just haning out in there sitting on the bed. BUT she looses her mind if it's dark, like she can't jump up, she will whine and shake the bed with her front strange....or smart I guess.....I am wrapped around her little stubby docked (slighlty crooked) tail=) It's so annyoing...especially in the middle of the night but funny and cute all the same. If this is the kind of stuff my dog does, I can't wait for what the little people will do one day:-)

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