Tuesday, May 19, 2009

5-16-09 Workshop

I had my first workshop on Saturday. I only had 2 girlies in attendance but it was a lot of fun. My two stampers made some really pretty cards! I hope they had as much stamping as I did hosting! I've posted the three cards that we did. The first two cards showcase stamps in the current mini catalog! It's only around until the last day of June, as is the big catty. The new one comes out on July 1! I'll be able to order a new catty on June 1st, so I'm way excited to see what's in it. The retired list, which will now be called the "Last Chance List" will be availabe on June 1 as well. I will try to post it in a timely manner! Remember, any stamp set (or accessory) on this list will only be available until the last day of June! That's it for now, gotta see who wins dancing with the stars tonight and maybe go stamp for a little bit...although I'll probably save it for tomorrow night and opt for some shut eye!

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