Sunday, April 25, 2010

Color Rennovation

Just a quick post to share the swatches for the new colors that I've made. I REALLY like the way they put them together and they look great together. I think they are very fresh and modern color collections and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the brights family AND that wild wasabi is back! I've already re-organized all my stuff and am currently using only the colors we are keeping. And a big thanks to Betsy, a fellow demo, who heard I was one swatch short and sent me a nice swatch of river rock (the ONLY in color that is returning that I didn't have) and a cute handmade card to boot! So sweet! Anyway, I used my XL fancy flowers punch to make my collections. So here they are:




Brights (this color collection has gone from my least fave to my new BFF, isn't it just fab???)

All of them together. Sorry the pic is oriented the wrong way, I can NOT get it to go the right way. But, you get the idea!

So there you go, the new color collections. The new sample papers we got are great. I knew I'd love the yellow but the other colors are awesome too, I really liked the red and the blue which I was skeptical about !

I'll try to post some creations soon! If only there were more hours in the day...I've been low on time and or mojo's to hoping it finds it's way home soon! I'm crabby when I can't stamp:-)

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