Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Room Re-do: Part One

Hi stampers!  So posted a video of my stamp studio a while back and said it was the "before".  Well, I convinced Jon to make a stop at IKEA on the way home from Ohare after our Vegas vacation last week.  It didn't make sense to not go since we were almost driving RIGHT by it and it's a good three or so hours up there from our house.  I had to make sure his belly was full at Potbelly's first and then promise to make it a QUICK trip.  I really do love him to letting me go even though he was tired and he helped me find everything and load it into the car.

I'm calling this part 1 because with our luggage, I could only get part of what I wanted to fit into the car and I'm still not sure where I'm going to put a few things as I don't have a lot of wall space to work with.  So...another trip to IKEA is in store...probably with my mom as she wants to go to get things for her new home!  Jon will probably opt out of that trip since my mom could spend a whole day there!  Heck, by the end of the day I'll probably wish I had opted out, lol!  Anyway, I spent most of my Friday morning assembling it all and I did it almost all by myself.  Jon said he would have loved to do it, he loves assembling IKEA stuff...funny how he said that when I was ALL done, lol! I didn't work out that day either since I was in the zone but I was so sore the next day so it was a workout in itself!!!

Anyway I'm very happy how the first part of the room turned out.  I had wanted a cubbie bookshelf to hold a bunch of stuff and I also wanted a table area where I could have a dedicated station for my paper cutter and my big shot.  It's been very nice having my paper cutter off of my stamping desk and freeing up some more room for the rubber!  It's also nice to crank stuff through the BS and not have it slip off the narrow bookshelf it used to live on!  The desk is plenty big for some other storage too, like my ribbon and retired in color ink pads.  Lookie:

 I really like the drawer unit I got to put underneath as well, it holds LOTS of stuff.  I need to get some baskets for the insides to keep them nice and tidy too!  My re-inkers even fit in the lower drawers!  Don't mind the rails and self on the floor...they are still awaiting a new home.  And most of my punches will probably end up on the rails and out of the cubbies but I was under strict orders to get my stuff out of the guestroom where I had relocated it for the re-do:-)  Here is another view of the bookshelf:

I thought I had read that the 12 x 12 paper holders fit in the cubbies but I found they did they get to live up top.  I also really like having my big shot boxes so close to my BS!  I'm still in need of some regular bookshelves to store all of my stamp sets but I'll have to wait on those.  And can I just say that even though I measured so I knew it would all fit it looked MUCH smaller in the BIG store than it does in my little room, haha!  I do love it though and can't wait to get the rest finished and everything back in the room where it needs to be and stuff up on the walls.  I'll leave you with a shot of my room from the door looking at the new stuff.

Oh and the best part?  I had some gift cards so I didn't have to spend much money, yay!  Stay tuned for part two...some day!  Happy stamping!


  1. Your paper holders will fit if you turn them on their sides (so the tallest side is on the bottom). I have the same shelf. :)

  2. I'm eyeing the same shelf and desk for my stamp room make-over!! :) Thanks for sharing pics of how you set everything up!

  3. Love those Ikea shelves. I'm in the process of re-doing my room and I've made the first of a couple of trips to Ikea. I got a corner desk and extension to go with my shelf unit (2 cubbies high and 4 wide). Now I'm after the 2x2 and 1x5.
    Can't wait to see part 2 of your re-do.


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