Friday, February 20, 2015

Fab Friday 58

Hi stampers!  I've been doing a lousy job at stamping and posting as usual, ha!  But since it's Friday I do have a card for the Fab Friday challenge!  And I did make some Valentine's, I just haven't posted them.  Maybe later.  For now, here's the current sketch:

My mom is here for the week so I thought I'd have all this time to stamp! LOL!  Not really as by the time we make it to the gym with the little guy (which takes forever and has to be carefully coordinated with feedings and naps…and that doesn't always work out well lol) half our day is gone.  Then we usually go shopping or run errands or just hang out together so the stamping hasn't happened except for my card here which I hastily threw together.

I was going in a different direction entirely until I noticed I'd left this saw stamped and cut out on my desk.  The idea in my head looked better than what we have here but at least you get the idea :-)  I could use a larger wood disc I think and I should have layered the background more too but oh well.  I think I'll give this one to my hubby since we make a pretty good team with the baby!  For instance, at bath time we have both kind of settled into different jobs and it works out so well.  Daddy was gone for work recently and it's funny how much longer that task takes when we can't divide and conquer! :-)

And these products make it so easy to make manly cards….and we all know I don't do that well :-)
Make sure to play along with us!

Happy stamping!

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  1. Love this, Mindy! Another great idea for this stamp set to go in the file - perfect match with the paper, too! Yay!


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