Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hey There Friends!

Hi stampers!  It's been a while, I know!  I accidentally had to peeve out of the last Fab Friday challenge.  I kind of forgot about it.  I mean, I went to stamp two nights…and actually made a few things I liked…which made me get all excited to keep stamping although it made me forget what I went to stamp in the first place…the Fab Friday challenge, lol!!!  And then I was at my mom's last week taking Ian and I's first solo trip there so I didn't have any of my stamp stuff.  But I'm happy that I made some things I liked.  I'm hopeful the trend will continue now that I'm back home.

Here's one of the simple cards that got me going.  I had the washi tape down on paper for a while just sitting on my desk.  Seems I'm making parts of cards here and there these days and waiting for them to inspire me :-)  I also pulled out my very favorite Paper Pumpkin stamp for the sentiment as I couldn't find anything I was liking.  I LOVE this stamp and will use it for-ev-er!!!!  Sorry if you get sick of it :-)

This is a take on one of my all time favorite layouts.  I'm just going to try to rely on things I've found to be tried and true while I work through my feelings of less than creative-ness :-)  I think this could also make a cute baby card.

Happy stamping!

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