Friday, July 24, 2015

FAB Friday!

Hi stampers and what a FAB Friday it is!  That's because I'm in Salt Lake City at convention!!!  To make it extra special this year, Ian and my parents came along!  So. Much. Fun.  And so tired, lol!  So, this post may be short and sweet.  And my editing software still is on the fritz and obviously I haven't had time to mess with it :-)  Sorry!  I really am and I can't stand the photos but it is what it is.

So we have a fun color challenge over at Fab Friday.  My card is for a special little friend who's birthday I missed...better late than never :-)

This set is so cute and the colors were perfect.  Ian loves the Dinosaur Train cartoon on PBS (and I actually like it too, yay) and these colors fit just perfect for the dinos they show :-)

Make sure to check out everyone else's amazing work then play along!

I'm off to drool over the NEW Holiday Catalog!!!!!!!!  Of course Ian went to bed late on the night I wanted to study it, hehe!

And hopefully I'll be able to find some time to share some convention goodness and Ian goodness with you soon too!

Happy stamping!


  1. I "think" I saw you walk on stage....Cheering for Ya....


    1. Ha! Didn't think about the streaming. I cheated and took my five year walk this year since I couldn't last year ;-) Don't tell!

  2. Glad you got to go to convention! Must be nice to have your parents and Ian there too. Looking forward to the Holiday catalogue too! Enjoy!


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