Monday, October 3, 2016

I Think I'm Clever

Hi stampers!  It's been a while.  I was gone for a week in Florida/Alabama with my in-laws and I'm just getting back to "normal"...if I ever have normal, ha!  Ian did amazing on our flights and on the vacation although he really missed him and asked to go home often about halfway through.  He wasn't a fan of the sand on the beach and I don't blame him, I don't like the beach either!  He DID enjoy going to the pool everyday.  He'd wake up and say, "I go pool today" each morning :-)

I intended to get a bunch of photos edited and blog posts typed up to share but that didn't happen.  Probably because I started a book series and got sucked in...I didn't realize there were at least four books...and I'm not done with the fourth one yet, eek!

Anyway, I'm taking a break to share a little card with you since it's OCTOBER already, how did that happen?  I think I'm pretty clever with this one even though I know I'm really not :-)

See what I did there?  LOL!  I crack myself up, I swear! :-)  If you're wondering where I got that black doily, I simply sponged the back side of one of our metallic doilies with black ink.  I think it looks a little spooky!  But it's not TOO spooky since that little guy is kinda cute!

Happy stamping!

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