Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Hi stampers!  Happy Halloween!  I know I say that I can't believe another month is almost over often, but October went so fast (I'll change my tune in the middle of winter, I'm sure)!

This is the first year that Ian really "gets' Halloween so it's been fun!  We've gone to FOUR "punkin patches" and he loves them!  He wasn't a huge fan of his costume so we practiced trick or treating at home for M&M's and he's figured out if he wears it, he gets candy.  He didn't like mine for a while either, lol!  Last year his costume was just regular clothes.  That probably would have been a good route to go this year. live you learn, right?  We have also gone back home for the past two years since we don't know a lot of people here and it was on the weekend so his grandparents could enjoy him but this year we are staying here to take him trick or treating!  Our town had a trick or treat event in the cute little downtown area over the weekend so we took him for some real practice and he did great even though it was CRAY-to-the-ZEE!  Dad has a costume too, but it won't make an appearance until today!  Ian is obsessed with Nemo and more so, Dory, so.....

Ignore my ugly sunglasses.  I have to wear my glasses for a while and am super sensitive to light so I have the awesome sunglasses you wear over your glasses, lol!  I'm not a glasses person so please pray that I get the ok for contacts on Tuesday!

And now onto the card if that wasn't enough cuteness for you :-)

Since I finally remembered that teeny tiny wishes was current, I had to get some use out of it :-)  The pumpkin is from jar of haunts and I cut it out of watercolor paper.  I actually like something I colored!

I hope everyone has a happy halloween!

Happy stamping!

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  1. Cute pictures! It's always fun to see littles in their costumes. I remember the moment and the look on my kids' faces when they realized they get free candy!! Priceless! Nice card too. I don't often make Halloween cards anymore, but mostly tags for treat bags. Hope you have a great time tonight!


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