Tuesday, September 5, 2017

PSL Season

Hi stampers!   Sorry for the late post, I mean to post this morning but life got in the way :-)  It sort of felt like fall here today because it was 70 some and then 80 instead of 90 and up lol!  I think fall in Oklahoma is going to take some getting used to for me.  Not that it isn't hot back home in September and October sometimes but it's not like this...and I guess it's "mild" here this year lol!  I've seen pictures of people in Chicago wearing like layers and scarves and jackets already!  Just thinking about that here, makes me hot lol!  

I DO like pumpkin spice lattes (the low fat versions...fully loaded is way too sweet and rich for me..I'm a weirdo, I know) but I won't be having any hot coffee besides my cup in the morning any time soon!  TOO HOT!  I'll just look at this card instead I guess :-)

The merry cafe set is super cute and coordinates with the coffee framelits.  Too cute!  I've struggled to use it though.  I end up sitting and staring at it.  This card fought me for a LONG time but I finally got it done.

Not sure why there is a blurry spot in my picture, sorry about that.  Didn't notice until it was on my computer screen all big and not small on my phone!

Happy stamping! Product List

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