Monday, January 21, 2019

Mailable Monday - Cacti Edition

Hi stampers!  Happy Monday!  Is anyone else kind of over January?  I've said it before, it's the Monday of months, LOL!  It's always kind of a let down when the magic of the holidays is over and then it's usually cold and gray (has really been gray here although thankfully the sun IS shining today), we don't usually have much going on for fun, and it just kind of serves no purpose for me, LOL!  I'm ready to get on with the year but it's still hanging around;-)

We do have some fun things coming up this spring, but that seems a LONG way off right now!  One of those things is a trip to Arizona which I'm super exited about!  I've always wanted to go and never have.  I had a great uncle who lives there who is the coolest person.  He was actually a POW in the Pacific and has an amazing story, which I'll save for another day!  But, we may have a chance to go see him and that would be awesome!  I'm super exited for warm weather and to see some cacti!  I love cacti!  I used to have an big indoor plan grow light set up (so, so nerdy...what young child wants to be a horticulturist when they grow up, yeah that'd be did I even know that word) and we had a bunch of cacti and I loved them!

Anyway, I tried to beat the cold this weekend with this card and I kinda love it!  I did a bit of a watercolor wash for the sunset in Mango Melody, Calypso Coral, Powder Pink, and Berry Burst.

I really can't wait to play with this set some more, it's so, so great!

So do you love January or are you just putting in your time until it's over?    I swear, it feels like the longest month, ever!

Happy stamping!

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