Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Oklahoma Snow Day

Hi stampers!  Getting a late start to sharing this week but you know how it goes.  We got less than an inch of snow so it's a snow day here, hahahaha!   To be fair, more in coming down, but being from Illinois (especially our last location with lake effect snow and Jon having lived in Canada) it really isn't a big deal to us.  If school or the gym was open, we'd be going....just slowly and carefully.  But anyway, maybe I'll finally get caught up on all the things I want and need to do.

I better get started on Valentine's Day since it's fasts approaching!  Here's a sweet and super simple card with the Heartfelt Bundle.

The inside sentiment is cute, too, I just forgot to take a picture of it.  This set has a few options for cute sayings!

Don't forget to join my FB group so you can always get the supply lists for my projects.

I am curious how many people still read blogs.  I'm considering going to all social media sites as it's easier.  Blogging is a LOT of work by the time I edit photos and everything plus I'm posting on social media anyway.  Let me know if you still read down in the comments! <3 p="">
Happy stamping!

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  1. I still read your blog cuz your work is too cute!! Thanks for sharing!!


Thanks for your comments. I probably won't respond unless you ask a direct question (because I know my limits, lol) but I read and appreciate every single one <3


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