Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Thanks A Bunch

Hi stampers!  So the basket bunch stamp set and coordinating dies are just the cutest!!!!  I love that it's not just exclusive to Easter either.  I mean look at this cute card!

I love how this one came together!  I did a few test runs of different greens and I liked emerald envy with peek a boo peach so much!

For the burlap, I just stuck a few glue dots to the back of my oval and folded my ribbon over onto them to make some little loopy looking things...yes that's a technical term ;-)

In other news, Ian turned two and a half Sunday and we had his check up yesterday.  He started saying, "it be ok" as soon as we turned into the parking lot, ha!  He says that when he gets a haircut too :-)  He did pretty good with the doctor though and only cried a little bit when he got a shot and now he's enjoying telling everyone about his arm owwie, ha!  He's still tall and really skinny and he's way more than half my height already!  He's talking more and more every day and just this week has blown us away with the things he says and is even stringing two or more sentences together!  He's super funny....and he knows it :-)  He's also started a class where I drop him off and he's being a rockstar!  He's the only boy who hasn't cried when I leave and that's huge for this momma's boy!  It's only once a week for an hour but I think he will really enjoy preschool in the future and that makes me happy!  He looks SO grown up when I pick him up and they are sitting and having a snack!  Obviously, I could go on and on about him but I'll leave you with a picture.  He doesn't like to smile much (or look where he's supposed to) in pictures but he asked to take on this weekend and gave me a little smirk.  And of course he says cheese and smiles ALL the time if you're NOT taking his pictures, ha!

Happy stamping! Product List


  1. Hello her two pretty´s!
    In the basket is missing a few carotene, have you already taken? ;)
    Warm greetings from Germany

  2. Oh Mindy.... How SWEET is that little guy of yours!!!! SWEET I tell ya... I really like the color combo you used on this card.... and I'm not a fan of the peach... but these look great together....



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