Friday, April 14, 2017

Fab Friday 110

Hi stampers!  Happy Friday!  I actually stamped in my very-much-a-mess-but-kind-of-functional stamp room!  I spent most of Thursday setting things up and unpacking.  I had spent the previous days on other rooms and still have miles to go almost everywhere in the house, eek!  But anyway, I had to get set up for Fab Friday!  We have some fun colors for you this week!

I know it's a lot of colors but you can do it :-)  I mean come on, if I did in the state of my studio/house then you got it ;-)

And in case you don't like this can use the one I originally intended but with my moving brain I screwed up!  LOL!  Man, I feel bad for the team on this one.  I got cross eyed and put two challenges together I think.  Anyway, this is the one I wish I'd done and more what my inspiration photo was like...sigh....

So, this week you can pick either challenge!

I used the Eastern beauty stamp set because new stuff is fun and because I thought it would look great in these colors!

You can see on the detailed picture that I had some little boo-boos on my pool party dots.  I didn't fix it because, well things are crazy now :-)  Hope you'll forgive me!

Make sure you go and play along with us ok!  And come help me if you're in Oklahoma, hahahaha!

Happy stamping! Product List


  1. J'accuse!! J'accuse!! Lol, just kidding. Brilliant idea to use Eastern Beauty - mine came the day after I did mine, argh! I knew I should have waited one more day! Let's see some pics of that new studio soon! And you're still the greatest list mom ever!

  2. How did you get your coral inside the petals of your flower? I'm looking at my stamp set and don't see a stamp for that. Did you cut another flower and put underneath? Beautiful, moving brain and all! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It's not stamped, it's the dies. I simply put coral cardstock behind the cutout. Hope that helps.


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