Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Um...Happy Easter?

Hi stampers!  It's been quiet here, I know.  We are all moved into the new house although not even close to unpacked but not for lack of trying.  The people who packed us did some odd stuff (and the one woman who wasn't nice and who packed up my studio is ON my list right now, grrrrr) and then some boxes got put in complete wrong places in the new house so I'm still sorting things out.  I also have to go through EVERYTHING we have in storage as they took random things out of my tubs for like holidays and wrapped them and put them in boxes.  I get they were trying to protect things but a 5 dollar bunny from Target is the least of my worries, if it breaks, it breaks.  Have I mentioned I hate moving?  LOL!  I work and work and feel pretty good and then it doesn't look like I made a dent, haha!  And I feel kind of guilty if I do sit down to stamp, like I should be unpacking or working on something else.  But I'll get into a routine soon I hope.  I'm taking a break today while Ian naps and not doing much of anything.  Hopefully it will recharge me!  I was all motivated to get some work done last night but then a can of rotten tomato sauce exploded ALL over my new, white kitchen!  Needless to say, after I cleaned it up and made dinner, I was DONE with the day;-)

I made this card back in Chicago and put it in a safe place to bring it and photograph and share it. Well, it was really safe because I just found it last night, LOL!  It's past Easter of course, but I'll share anyway because it's cute and it's something...

I love dying eggs and did it with Ian this year so I kind of love this card.  I always dyed them with my granny so it was fun to do it with Ian with my momma here!  And he LOVED hunting them.  He really got into Easter this year and it was so fun!  He also actually sat on the Easter bunny's lap for a picture!  He isn't a fan of Santa but I think it's because he's a person.  He seems ok with totally non-person characters lol!

I inked with versamark then basic black and embossed with clear powder on watercolor paper then just used a bunch of inks to color them.  Pretty simple.

And I'm sad to see that kraft paper retire!  If you don't have any, you better grab some!

Happy stamping!

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