Friday, April 7, 2017

Finally Friday!

Hi stampers!  This has been the slowest week ever since I'm so looking forward to closing on our house!  It stinks that we can't move in until Monday but at least we can go there and just sit there lol! Well, Jon can over the weekend.  I'm taking off for a 7+ hour drive to pick my mom up and bring her back on Sunday for the movers on Monday.  She is refusing to drive in or around St. Louis which is on the way OR fly by herself for the first time lol!  She thinks she can't do either but I know she could...but she's stubborn ;-)  My step dad is on a fishing trip so he can't come...we always have SUCH good timing, ha!  Oh well, no stamping time this weekend and no OnStage for me, just a lot of time in the car!

I've got a super simple card to share because that's all I've been able to muster lol!

I think it's pretty cute though!

Speaking of cute, make sure you check out the ADT blog hop from yesterday if you missed it!  It's a sneak peek of a bundle from the new catalog and I LOVE it!  It also has three of the five new in colors!   I saw a little talk of people being PO'd there were no longer 5 colors, LOL!  Fear not, they are only teasing us with three of the five!!!!!

Happy stamping!

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