Monday, March 4, 2019

Bright Cacti

Hi stampers!  I shared on my Instagram today that I'm feeling really unmotivated and uncreative lately.  I hate that but it happens.  I try to take a step back and just ride it out but that makes me feel icky too, since I'm not creating or sharing.   There's no happy medium.  I've been trying to blog this card for a WEEK!  I was blogging pretty consistently at night after Ian went to bed but then I started watching a few more new shows and that fell by the wayside.  I'll have to get better about working on them during the day!

I have to say though, I love TV and I haven't been into many shows the last few years so I'm glad I'm exited about a few of them.  I've always loved TV and I don't feel bad about it :-)  I do plenty of other things so winding down from the day in front of the tube suits me just fine!  But I gotta stamp and blog somewhere :-)  It's such a viscous cycle, not being creative, then feeling bad about not creating and then just repeating that over and over!

Anyway, here's a fun card!

I love the bright colors.  This combo came from my scrap pile!

Hoping this card bring some much needed warmth!  Man, it's March but it's been the coldest it's been here in Oklahoma.  We had some snow the past two days and they cancelled school for the cold.  I'm over it!  I'll be seeing some cacti this spring and I can NOT wait!

Here's hoping I get my life figured out soon, ha!

Happy stamping!

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