Saturday, February 26, 2011

Under construction...please excuse my mess...

Hi stampers!  Just a quick note about the funkiness of my blog...I'm working on customizing my blog and header with Stampin' Up's My Digital Studio and I don't quite have the hang of it yet so it may look a little wonky here for a day or two.  But please bear with me and please check back often to keep an eye on my progress!  I'd like to finish it but it's well after midnight and I should really try to go to if I'll be able to after at least 3 diet cokes at Buffalo Wild Wings...they have best and fizziest diet coke!  And lets not even talk about the nachos, wings, and fries that I had too:-) 

1 comment:

  1. Mindy, Love your work in progress!! And because your smile is so infectious I am passing on to you the Stylish Bloggers Award!! To accept your award please visit my blog and play along! Best of luck to you on the rest of the construction-it already looks great!!!


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