Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the award goes to....

ME!  No, I'm not talking about the Oscars (I didn't watch...*gasp* I know), I'm talking about the stylish blogger award!  I've seen these things making their way around some of my favorite blogs as of late but never in a MILLION years did I think my lil old blog would get one!

I'd like to thank all the little people like Kris at Stampin' From Thought To Finish who was so kind as to nominate me.  In all seriousness I would like to thank my new friend, I was flattered and honored to say the least!  And I'm more than happy that people actually look and or read the stuff I put on here, hehe!!!!

So I guess I have to tell you 8 things about myself in lieu of my speech, lol!  So here goes:
1.  I'm an only child - I think this is kind of unique because I honestly don't know very many only children at all!  My mom said I was a good baby who slept through the night very fast so why risk it, lol!!!  That's REALLY what she tells me:-)
2.  I married one of my high school boyfriends...after not seeing each other for around 10 years.  It's kind of cool to have a prom picture of you and your high school boyfriend who happens to be your husband.  His mom carries our prom picture in her wallet to this day and has for the past 10+ years..guess it was destined to be!
3.  I can't watch the commercials on TV for the ASPCA or animal cruelty.  I will cry...I MUST turn the channel...every time!
4.  I have my master's degree in exercise science.
5.  I teach Turbokick kick boxing at the local Y.  It's so fun and I love teaching aerobics and turbo has the best music and fun moves!
6.  I'm allergic to cats!  The last time I went to my grandmas who has two I got horrible hives within minutes of being there!
7.  I collect Hallmark Christmas Ornaments as does my dad.  I have the fondest memories of us collecting them together when I was a kid...we even went to a convention one year!  Plus, I love all things Christmas!
8.  Las Vegas is my very most favorite vacation place ever.  It's so fun and there is always something going on AND the people watching is second to NONE:-)

Ok, really that wasn't too hard because I have a lot of quirks (read, I'm totally a weird-o) :-) And now for the hard part, I have to nominate 8 more fellow bloggers!  And it's not hard because I don't know who to nominate, it's hard because I want to nominate about 100 of my cyberspace crafting friends!!!  But here are some peeps who have been inspiring me lately or are just plain awesome....and the awards go to:
Brandi beacue she is all that and a bag of doritos yo
Ilina - because I love her work and her accent in her videos:-)
Lydia - because she cracks me up daily and she's a fellow shortie like me!
Lyssa - because she is just plain awesome!
Sherri - because she makes great cards that are right up my alley
Carrie - because she's a superhero, duh!
Erica - because she too loves pink!
Bev - because she is my bestest friend on stampin' connection!

Phew that was hard.  Now, ladies please don't feel like you have to accept the award, I know it's time consuming but please know that your work truly inspires me and I love each and every one of ya!

Ok, that's it...hope I did this whole award thingy right:-)


  1. I'm so with you on 3 &8!!! :)

    Thank you so much! You are such a sweet fun girl and you made my WEEK!!!

  2. Mindy, I love the new look of your blog! I have you bookmarked on my laptop so I stop in to check out your work whenever I can! Congrats on the Stylish Blogger Award :)

  3. Oh Mindy, I am in the Quads with family, can't get online at Mom's so my lil sis and I are at the bookstore. Thanks for this wonderful award and I will post about me when I have time. Congrats on your blog award! I LOOOOVVVVVE your blog! Wish we could stamp while I was here to get together. Hugs my friend! Bev


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