Monday, March 28, 2011

Carrots and pearls

Hi stampers!  Quick post tonight...I had a slight headache this morning and by the end of the work day it was a full blown of the worst ones I've had in a while.  Sooo, I got very little done tonight including the laundry and my workout which were two things at the top of my list and then of course I didn't do any stamping.  And now I have to go sit out in the cold (and possibly rain and eeek even snow) at work tomorrow night!!!  There's never enough time is there???  Anyway, enough whining...of course I'm feeling better now, when it's time for bed:-) 

Anyway I thought I'd take a minute to share a cute little project with you.  This is one of the things we made at my Spring Fever class and I think it's just adorable!  It's super simple to make and just so cute!  I think I'll make a bunch as little gifts for my family at Easter!  It's a carrot made with the petal cone die!  As a side note, is it strange that I love raw carrots but I really don't like them cooked???  And when I first got my glasses in first grade, I knew carrots were good for your eyes so I thought if I ate a ton of them I wouldn't need my glasses anymore...I'm really surprised I didn't turn orange...and it didn't vision is around a -8 these days, yikes:-)  Anyway, here is the little cutie:

 Isn't it so cute!?!?  And it went together like THAT!  I'll try to do a video maybe!  Now, I could have went all crazy detailed with it but I didn't want to overwhelm my stampers and sometimes less is more! (although I plan on playing around with it later and making a "fancier" carrot;-)  And the cool part is that the die cuts out that little banner so you don't have to worry about making the perfect little "v" on the ends!
And this is the detail of the top.  All I did was use my crop-a-dile to punch a couple of holes in two of the "petals" and thread an old olive satin ribbon through the top to close it.  I'll probably fill these up with M&M's and it's going to hold a lot of them!!!  I don't have any now because they never last at my house and never make it into the treats between me and the hubby...I'm going to put MOST of the blame on him *wink wink*.  I tell ya, I never used to like chocolate AT ALL...and as I get older, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!  Anyway, I hope you like today's little treat!  Now I gotta go find some chocolate.... ;-)

Happy stamping!

Stampin' Supplies:
Stamps:  Teeny Tiny Wishes
Paper:  Peach parfait
Ink: basic black, peach parfait
Accessories:  Old olive satin ribbon, crop-a-dile, pearls, petal cone die

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