Friday, March 25, 2011

Multi-part-punches Video

Hi stampers!  Here is the video I promised about our new multi-part punches.  This video uses the blossom punch that I used in the daffodil card from yesterday but the method is the same for all of them like the cute owl punch and the awesome cupcake one!  I hope this helps you see how to use the punches more efficiently! I thought they might be a pain but they've been fairly easy to use and make super cute projects!  And I didn't realize until I was done filming that you can see my reflection when I turn the punch right side just pretend you don't see me in my grubby old stamping sweatshirt:-)  At least I had done my hair, lol! 

Until next time...happy stamping!


  1. Hey girlie great video and I like you grubby sweatshirt!!!LOL! I have this punch but yet to use it. Maybe my April workshop will be the lucky one. Great blog!

  2. Great video! I do need to get those!


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