Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmases Past

Hi stampers!  So stampy time has been limited around here lately thanks to work and the holidays!  Sadly, I can't find anything new lying around to least from this year! 

So, I'll show you a card I made last year that I don't think I ever shared.  Now, I cased this card from somewhere but since I didn't show it, I didn't save who made it SO...if it's yours please let me know as I don't like casing without credit!  But I really wanted to share something today and I'm all keyed up after Christmas with my dad tonight!  Too busy thinking of ALL the things I have to do tomorrow since we stayed pretty late and I'm not going to get done tonight what I thought I was:-)  I hope the pumpkin pie cheese cake I'm going to bake will have enough time in the fridge before we eat it tonight.  I should really share the recipe with you too, it's SOOOO good and I don't even like pumpkin pie!  Maybe next week!

This is a card I made last year using the cute Santa set from the mini.  That set was so cute and vintage!  I sure wish it had made it back in the big catalog!  I wanted to play with it again this year but never had the chance to get it out!  But here's a pretty picture anyway!

Hope you all have a merry Christmas Eve!

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