Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Christmas And The Beach

Hi stampers!  So, life has gotten in the way of me stamping a blogging once again.  I'm not complaining though because we were out of town for Ian's second birthday (more on that another day) and then we went on a vacation to San Diego with my best friend and her hubby while Ian went to granny's house!  And then when I went to get him, I stayed an extra day and we went to the state fair as is our tradition!  So, stamping has been by the wayside but hopefully now that we're back and back to our normal routine, I can get down to business!  If you're looking for my project scroll on past this stuff but I thought I'd share a little bit about the last few weeks.

I don't know why we haven't taken a trip with my bestie and her hubs before because it was so fun!  She is like the sister I never had, we both have little boys, and our husbands get along great!  And San Diego is now one of my top vacation spots, I can't wait to go back.  If you're looking for somewhere to go put it at the top of your list!  I can't wait to use Project Life to document all our adventures!  And I can't wait to go back and do all the things we just didn't have time for.  Here are some highlights though!

At La Holla Cove with all the sea lions!  I could have spent the whole day here I think!

 We took a sunrise cruise of the bay (or is it a harbor?) and it was awesome to see everything and learn interesting facts along the way.

The highlight of the trip for Jon was taking a tour of Ballast Point Brewery.  I'm not a fan of IPA's but it was fun to see him geek out.  He was an industrial engineer by schooling and still finds stuff related to that fascinating.  Like my fashionable glasses? LOL!  And that's a lot of beer cans...FYI they are empty.

We did a lot of running in the mornings so we stopped by this statue on one of them and it's a good thing, we never made it back on our normal sightseeing outings!

And then my mom, step dad, Ian and I went to the Illinois State Fair.  We have gone for about as long as I can remember so it's fun to do with Ian now.  He loved it and we totally wore him out.  He very rarely falls asleep in the stroller and was starting to when we left so I picked him up and he almost fell asleep with me carrying him which NEVER happens :-)

Feeding and petting a baby llama (or alpaca?).  He loves animals.

 The butter cow.

He loved the big slide and could have ridden it all day!  At five bucks a pop, he got to ride it twice, lol!  It was a good workout hauling him up to the top though!

And now onto my card.  It's funny that I showed you all that summer fun and I have a Christmas card, ha!  I played around briefly with my new holiday catalog goodies before we left and did mainly some really simple cards.  You really can't go wrong with simple!

I really like the little holly stamp set and the holly builder punch.  Holly is just SO Christmasy and I really love that sentiment with the different fonts and the swirly doodle things!  I'll add the supplies later, I've misplaced my catalog at the moment and it's time to go get Ian from his nap ;-)

I hope you enjoyed the peek into our last few weeks.  Hopefully stamping will be more regular now...and blogging too ;-)

Happy stamping!


  1. What a Fun Trip you guys had... I go Married just a bit from San Diego, in a little town called Lakeside. We spent our night in a San Diego Hotel on the beach.... awesome.... Love the photos of the State Fair and your Christmas Card... Faith G.

  2. Glad you got the chance to get out of town for a bit and see someplace different. That's a real holiday and a great recharger. The fair sounds like fun too. Loved seeing your pictures - and holy smokes, Ian is growing so fast!! That's a cute card too. I might have to get that set because I love that sentiment stamp!

  3. Can't do the state fair without seeing the butter cow! Looks like you missed the big rain day!


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