Friday, August 19, 2016

Fab Friday 94

Hi stampers!  Sooooo....I'm actually posting this a day late but backdating it to post Friday at midnight.  As you may have seen on the Fab Friday site, I hit a small snafu this week in that I left my mac at home when I went to pick Ian up and spend a few days with my parents.  Jon and I went with my BFF and her hubby to San Diego (which was amazing) and then I was taking Ian to the fair with my parents and bam, realized I forgot my tote bag once I got there.  I just couldn't not get blogging to work with their terrible internet and an iPad.  I'm so sorry for the delay!

Anyway, the challenge this time around is the new in colors.  It's a bit later this year so we hope you're learning to like all of them by now :-)  Of course, for this challenge you can always pick one or a few or use all of them it's up to you.

I used all of them since I love them!  I kept it simple with some watercoloring, which I'm trying to get better at, and embossing.

I didn't realize until doing my post that I did them in order just like the challenge graphic, ha!  Make sure to check out all the inspiration from the DT and play along!

I gotta go catch up on some sleep and take a vacation from my vacation!!!!!

Happy stamping!

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