Monday, May 8, 2017

Mailable Monday Pre-Order Edition

Hi stampers!  I'm back...I hope :-)  I got a little stamping done over the weekend even with our rummage sale.  The sale was a total flop and we maybe made 30 dollars, lol!  Jon ran out to get change and said he could barely get in or our of the neighborhood BUT I guess hardly anyone came back to our street.  We didn't think to get signs and only one other house on our street (way far down) had a sale.  At least we know to get signs for next time and I might advertise in the paper.  And it helped motivated me to unpack and organize more.  Now, I'll have things pretty ready to go next year too (as well as have things set out to donate) so all in all it wasn't terrible and we got rid of a few things at least!  I need to work this week on some more organization and unpacking and finding a place to store it all for next time.  Oh, and since we were out in the garage anyway, we got some more boxes broken down so that's good too!

Anyway, I made a really simple card with stamp set from the soft sayings card kits.  I LOVE the set in the kit and I love that you can use the stamp set for anything you want, NOT just the kit itself!  I think we forget that sometimes!  I also really love the new in colors so I hope you don't get sick of them.

Don't look too close at my coloring (as I show you a close up, ha)!  I kind of decided to color the flowers in at the last minute and smudged my sentiment.  If I did it over, I'd color it in first then stamp in black.  I thought it would look cool with just the outlines but it was missing something.

I'm not doing a supply list as the supplies don't seem to be in the database yet.  Sorry!  The colors are berry burst, powder pink and lemon lime twist.

Happy stamping!

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