Monday, November 13, 2017

Introducing the Stamparatus!

Hi stampers!  I'll have exciting OnStage stuff to share soon and sneak peek at the end of this post BUT I wanted to let you in on the big news of of the Stamparatus!  It's our new stamp placement tool and I'm pretty excited!  So excited that I made two posts in one day ;-)

Watch this video for more information. Carrie does a better job explaining it than I can :-)  But basically, this is a way more awesome version of the Stamp A Majig.  It will be great for when your PP stamps are being a pain and maybe not inking super well, too!  It has a lot of cool features so make sure to watch!

You can preorder yours on Thursday, the 15th.  This is going to work a little different than normal and what will happen is you will reserve yours with a credit card and then you won't be charged until they are ready to ship which should be around February 1.  This way, they know how many they need and we can avoid back orders!  The price is $49 and you can earn SAB rewards with your order.  You''ll only need to go back in and add something to your order (if you chose, to make the $50 for SAB) then finalize it and it will shipped to you!  If you have questions, let me know!  I did a Facebook live video to try to explain it so you can always hop over there to watch as well.  And don't worry if you can't order just yet, there will be two more windows in December and January where you can reserve yours as well.

Now, make sure to let me know if you need an Occasions and SAB catalog as well!  I'll be getting those out soon!

I was honored to be a display stamper for the event last week and I'll be sharing my projects soon!  I will continue to focus on Christmas projects and other current items as well though!  I'll leave you with a sneak peek of me and my board ;-)  I'll post specific details later, I promise!

It's stupid exciting every time I get to do this!  And there was so much good stuff from the other stampers! <3 p="">
Again, don't hesitate to ask questions if you have them!

Happy stamping!

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