Monday, April 9, 2018

Motivated Monday

Hi stampers!  I'm back from the OnStage even in Ft. Worth and totally motivated!  Or as motivated as I get, LOL!  I've seen the new catalog and there is big stuff coming and I'm super excited.  I'm still crying over a few of my favorite things that are leaving but the new stuff is always exciting!  And I have all kinds of ideas forming!  I also need to start some classes up but you know I'm we'll see ;-)  It was so fun to see everything and see some of my friends.  I'm just bummed it was in a lot of locations and we were all spread out.  It's not the same without everyone!

I did NOT enjoy driving in Ft. Worth.  YIKES and I'm not usually afraid to drive anywhere.  I mean Chicago and LA no problem!  Texas....hard pass lol!

I WILL enjoy sharing more things with you once I can later today (at 2 pm Central time) so be watching FB and Insta!  Maybe I'll even get a special post here depending on our day!  I'm behind from not being able to grocery shop...or not wanting to after a 4.5 hour drive home, ha!

As for my card today, it's more hanging baskets.  And I am in LOVE with the color combo of sweet sugarplum and tranquil tide.  In.  Love.  They were sitting on my desk and scraps and I said hey!  Perfect succulent colors!

Do you see how well they watercolored into the succulents???

Time to get unpacked I guess.

Happy stamping!

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  1. If you didn't like driving in Fort Worth, definitely don't try Dallas! I grew up in the Metroplex and I will NOT drive through Dallas if I can help it. Glad you enjoyed On Stage though; can't wait to see the catty and stuff later today.

    Tranquil Tide is so underrated as an In Color, I love it! I used your combination of Tide, LLT and Calypso Coral for the scrapbook layout I posted today. Thanks for the inspiration!


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