Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Terrific Tuesday!

Hi stampers!  Happy Tuesday...that's going to feel like a Monday around here.  We just got back from Illinois yesterday so I'm going to be off all week!  I'm hoping I remember to take Ian to school and get some groceries, lol!  It's going to be a weird week in general as I'm off for OnStage and Ft. Worth on Friday.  Having Jon come home early on Friday for a SAHM is truly terrific, lol!

And so is this card!  It's one of my favorite cards I've made as of late!  I'm probably going to keep using these thinlits even though they were from SAB because you'll be able to get them in the upcoming catalog (THAT I GET TO SEE ON SATURDAY...YES, I'M PRETTY EXCITED ABOUT THAT).

I find that for glimmer paper, I usually have to run it through my big shot twice for it to cut out really well.  This was sort of a happy accident.  Running it through once cut it out but not the insides of the letters and I kind of love it!

The background is simple sponged a little and then I stamped over that randomly.  I've seen a number of cards like that lately that totally inspired me.

The little flowers are dies from the bundle and I just run the not-sharp-end of my paper piercer over the middle of them on top of my foam mat to make them 3-dimentional.  Add a bunch of other fun elements with bright colors and it's perfect!

I may have to add the supplies a little later.  I type these up the night before and the 8+ hour trip has me pretty worn out...plus a kid who has decided he's no longer the world's best sleeper....yawn...

Happy stamping! Product List


  1. I like this really cute, bright, and fun card, Mindy. You amaze me with all the traveling, work and family plus this blog you keep organized. Wow! You're impressive. Have a good week and loads of fun at OnStage in Ft. Worth!

    1. Thank you and oh, how I have you fooled :-) I'm really a hot mess who usually gets by on luck and coffee ;-) And I neglect other things like house cleaning to stamp and blog, LOL!


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