Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Can't Make This Up

Hi stampers!  Happy Monday!  Boy has it been crazy around here!  I've been MIA while we started off summer to a trip to Six Flags, which I may have posted about.  I got food poisoning in the middle of the night.  Then, once my parents were back here with me, we almost had a tornado form behind our house.  If that wasn't enough fun, my step dad came down with a wicked virus and guess who caught it?  I have spent the last three days feeling like I was run over.  To add insult, we had a tornado at 1am Saturday night a few blocks from our house!  That was fun!  And THEN last night, our power went out (note, we had power during said tornado...a snake managed to knock it out...you can't make this stuff up)!  YEESH!

So.  I have some stuff to share but I just haven't gotten around to doing it!  Hopefully I'll be a little less busy and stressed and sick this week to share it all!  We are still expecting rain and possible severe weather.  Please say a little prayer for those who are flooding.  It's going to get worse before it gets better!  And please pray that it STOPS storming and raining!  There are chances the next TEN days!

Anyway, here is a card I made a few weeks ago in an attempt to use up some of my retiring items!

I love the combo of tide, petal pink, and mint.  I'm going to miss Tranquil Tide a lot and I didn't use enough of this gorgeous DSP!  Make sure to cut into yours if you have some!

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