Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You are....

amazing!  Hi stampers!  I just want to say how readers are :-)  I appreciate ALL the comments and emails I receive but the messages in the past few days since I shared our struggle to have a baby have really touched me!  Thank you to everyone who has had a kind word to say and for your prayers!  I struggled if I should share this very personal issue or not and I have to say I'm glad I did.  The more people praying or at least sending good vibes the better, right?  Well, without going into too much detail things seem to be going in the right direction again today!  So thank you!

Now if I can just get motivated to stamp up a storm again!  I meant to stamp last night but never made it up off the couch after dinner.  Hopefully, I'll feel motivated tonight....after a run (hopefully NOT in the rain......) and dinner since I have to work late the next two nights!  Although, I do have a project in the works that I have GOT to get done!  I've been using MDS to make my mom a photo book for her 60th birthday which is coming up later this month!  I'll share bits and pieces of it after her birthday!  I need to clean/organize my stamp studio's a mess and kind of scary and that's probably part of why I don't want to come in here and stamp, ha!

So here is a card for all of you, my readers!
Stamps:  I am..., Alhambra
Paper:  Whisper white, primrose petals, subtles DSP stack
Ink:  River rock, primrose petals
Accessories:  Labels collection framelits, crumb cake seam binding

This is the super cool stamp set demos got at convention for attending all of our classes.  I love it but just don't ask me how many times I've actually used it:-)  I think I need to work on my bow tying skills though.....

Thank you again!

Happy stamping!


  1. Sending good vibes and prayers that you get pregnant soon. I've never gone through this, but know many that have. Hope to hear you're pregnant soon.

  2. I seriously LOVE that color combination! Off to pin it now!

  3. Long time fan (SCS and your blog) here, but I haven't commented before. Sorry! Just wanted to say that this card sent shivers (of the good kind) down my spine. I never would have thought to pair Primrose Petals with River Rock (one of my favourite neutrals). This combination has such a soft but edgy feel. Love it!! Love your cards, your blog, and your upbeat attitude. My niece had a hard time starting her family, but now she has 2 adorable sons. It'll happen for you, too. Sending baby vibes your way. --Doris

  4. I will add my thoughts and prayers to a the rest you are getting. It isn't a struggle I have experienced personally but I know how hard it can be to try to have faith that what should be, will be. I am glad to hear you have some good news today.

    This card is gorgeous and i love that stamp! Your bow looks great to me. ;)

  5. I love your blog and your cards. I read your blog about your struggles and couldn't decide whether to respond or not but having read today's decided I would. I have personally lived your struggle and know how difficult it is. I found a group called Resolve in the St. Louis area and they were very helpful. I have my daughter through the joy of adoption and she is very much mine. Remember that God has a plan, the problem is that we don't always understand it. I will be praying for you and your husband as many people prayed for me a long time ago.

  6. Hi Minders! GORGEOUS card and a reminder to me to pick up that awesome stamp set we got at Convention - I've used it only twice so far!

    And I'm praying for you, hon, and I'm GLAD you shared - the more prayers the better, right? My oldest daughter has a dear friend who had trouble getting pregnant with her first two kids - I think she was on fertility drugs. But now she's pregnant with #7 and due this month. It happens and I know you've heard stories, but when it's YOU, it can't happen a moment too soon. Hugs!

    Susan, aka Soozie4Him
    moot96 AT aol DOT com


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