Friday, December 14, 2018


Hi stampers!  Happy Friday!  Where has this week gone????  I do not have enough (online or in person) shopping days left until Christmas, lol!  It's a good thing Stampin' Up! is on a "simple stamping" kick because that's all the time I have for cards!

At onstage, they really wanted to focus on the three things you need to stamp a card, stamps, paper, and ink.  Sometimes it really can be that simple!  I love making "fancy" cards but I've found that I really like keeping it simple, too!  Simple can be stunning!  Our Notecards make it easy, you don't have to cut them and they are pre-scored to fold!  And they include envelopes.  I went ahead and even stamped the envie for this one! IF THIS lazy stamper can do that, you can too ;-)

Ack!  Isn't it cute!?!?  Can we talk about those cascading stars for a minute?  SO PRETTY!

New to stamping?  All you need is a stamp, pack of notecards, and a few ink pads and you can make these as your Christmas cards!  And even if you're an experienced stamper, take a minute to try some simple stamping!  It was a challenge for me but a lot more fun than I expected!

Happy stamping!

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