Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Boo....I'm Back

Hi stampers!  Happy Tuesday!  It is Tuesday, right?  Ha!  This last week has been crazy.  Ian got a tummy bug and then we went back to Illinois for my mom's birthday and our annual trek to The Great Pumpkin Patch.  We usually go back for about a week but we only stayed three days this time so we packed a lot of fun in a few days!  That makes for a tired mom when there's two 8-hour drives involved!  Then, when we got back, Ian had a field trip so it's just been busy, busy.  Plus, we have another trip coming up that we're trying to get ready for (as in mom is doing everything, haha).  Anyway, I hope to be able to work ahead to have stuff to share with you!  Things didn't go according to plan with Ian getting sick and then my parents got rid of their internet (who does that)!  So anyway....here I am, I hope!

Here's todays card.  It's pretty simple!  I combined Wonderfully Wicked with some of the other Halloween stuff!  Bats and cats ;-)

I'm trying to share all the Halloween things but I gotta say, I'm ready (stamping wise at least) to go full on Christmas mode!  It's my favorite to stamp for.  But, I still have more Halloween goodies leading up to the actual day so stay tuned!

If you're looking for the supplies, you can now find those over on my FB page thanks to the new SU platform!

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