Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dang It!

Hi stampers.  Very quick post today because I'm having some tendonitis issue with my wrist again so I'm trying to rest it.  Super easy with a toddler, right?  I really don't want it to get as bad as I know it can get.  I had it horribly when Ian was an infant from so many diaper changes and I wasn't stamping or blogging much back then.  UGH!

Here's a quick and easy card with the happy celebrations set and coordinating embossing folders.

It was dark in my office, sorry the photo is kind of dark.  Still working on that.

Off to ice and put my brace back on which makes doing much of anything impossible...

Happy stamping! Product List


  1. I noticed that your card stock was creased on the left side. I have had the same problem. Please find out from SU what we can do about that. I love the colorful card. Thanks.

    1. It looks much more pronounced in my photo than in real life, which is why I didn't do it over. I didn't even see it until I was stamping so I just went with it. You can try spritzing with water before you emboss or using thick WW. Thick WW or watercolor paper should not leave a crease at all.

    2. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try these.


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