Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Time To Get Moving

Hi stampers!  So I've alluded to something big going on over here for a while now and I think I've said it but NO, I'm not pregnant :-)  But we will be moving to the Tulsa, Oklahoma area at the end of the month.  We knew our time here in Chicago would be three to five years and turns out it will be about a half a month shy of three.  And we have known about Tulsa for months and months although no idea of a time frame and of course it's all happening super fast in the end.  I've been really busy trying to get the house ready to list which is no easy feat with a toddler and my hoarding tendencies, ha!  It's had to stay quiet for a while but I got the go ahead to let the cat out of the bag finally!  We will actually be "moving" twice since we will have to go into a temporary apartment...shoot me now! It totally figures I would win Artisan when we move and have to pack like every single current SU item I own to take with me lol!

Our quick trip last week was actually to Tulsa.  Jon did some work stuff and I looked at houses.  I think we found one but we'll have to see what happens with our house of course.  I thought I was going to die as bad as my allergies and subsequent sinus infection was, but I made it, lol!

I'm both really excited to get out of here and a bit sad as well.  I only agreed to move here because it was not indefinitely, like I said, we had a 3-5 year deal.  I really don't like living in Chicago, mainly because of traffic.  I'm really limited to when and where I can get out and about so I'm excited to go somewhere that I don't have to worry about that.  It's also going to be a little warmer....hallelujah!  I really struggled to find friends when Ian was little but now of course I have some and Ian's in a number of activities so I'm super sad to leave my people and his stuff.  His little pre-preschool class is amazing and he loves it so I'm sad he won't be able to do the second session.  He can continue his gymnastics class as we go to a franchised place and Tulsa has one, hooray!  I will miss his teacher here though!  I'm also really sad to leave my gym.  I love it (and I'm picky about them given my background) and I LOVE the daycare there and they love Ian.  I just hope I can find one equally as good for both of us.  And I HATE HATE HATE moving and selling a house and any and everyone related to that, especially now with a toddler and in a place we can't just go down the road and hide and grandma and grandpa's house.  So, wish us luck!  Anyway, I'm going to try to keep up with keeping the house ready to show, stamping, blogging, and everything else that comes along...but if you don't hear from me I'm probably over in a corner crying, lol!

Onto a project.  I totally saw this chocolate rabbit and knew I needed to make him in white, milk, and dark chocolate, hehe!

I heat embossed him on very vanilla with white EP and then clear powder on chocolate chip and early espresso.  The embossing really helped to make him look like he was really chocolate.  You can see the white one a little better here.

If you stuck with me and read my novel, thanks!  And be sure to come back tomorrow as it's time for another Artisan hop!

Happy stamping! Product List


  1. Very cute card! I love the variations of "chocolate"!

  2. I live in the suburbs, just West of Chicago. I wouldn't enjoy living in the city either, mainly because of the congestion. However, if you are close enough, maybe some of the train lines will help make you more mobile. I love your bunnies!

  3. Oops, sorry, I see you are moving from Chicago to Tulsa. Best of luck to you and your move!

    1. LOL! No worries! I wrote a lot, it's hard to keep track ok ;-) And yeah, I'm not a train person...especially with the toddler. We are in Lake County so it takes FOREVER to get anywhere because we are so far north...I almost tell people I live in Wisconsin since it's closer, hahaha!

  4. Good luck with the move! I can't imagine. We've lived here for over 30 years.
    I'd need a whole moving truck for my stamping supplies.

  5. oh, good luck! that's a lot to take on, like you said, the year you get to be artisan..yikes! But you can do it! i love all your cards! i will pray for these next few months for you when i get on your blog...just that God would give you peace, guide your steps to new home, new friends, new experiences. He will provide, but that doesn't make it easy...hoping the very best with all these changes for you!

  6. Ugh, we moved in the middle of January, and I am just now starting to get all of my stamping stuff unpacked. What a pain! I totally understand what you are going through. Blessings on your move, and hopefully you will adjust to a new place quickly!


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