Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tulsa Time

Hi stampers!  I don't have anything crafty to share after packing, loading, a 10+ hour drive over two days, getting into our apartment, and with my parents still here :-)  But we ARE in Tulsa and some of my supplies are in the apartment...on the third floor with no elevators LOL!  And some are still in my car.  Hoping to remedy that today and maybe get some stamping done tonight.

I'm hoping to get in the house in a couple of weeks.  The only downside is that my step dad is on a fishing trip so I'll have to drive 7 hours to get my right hand man...I mean woman....my mom!  She won't fly by herself nor drive here lol!

Tulsa has welcomed us in true Oklahoma fashion with storms our first night complete with hail and the threat of more storms tonight.  Oh boy!

Ian has done AMAZING!  I was a bit worried because he really loves his routine and really loves home.  He asks to go home all the time when we are out and about ha!  We've been talking a lot about what's happening though and he's doing great.  He slept really well traveling (well not naps...he usually sleeps 3 hours a day and he maybe slept 45 minutes total over two days lol) but he did great in the car for so long.  Well, aside from the tummy troubles he had our first morning.  He's ALWAYS been able to go to the bathroom easily and almost every day.  Well, we have had to eat out most meals with showing the house and the move so that all caught up to the poor guy.  But, I think we've finally got things moving ok again ;-)

We stopped in St. Louis to break up the trip and daddy had the genius idea to see a Blue's game since he's a huge fan!  It was Ian's first hockey game and the first time he's stayed up really late and he did great!

It was grandma and grandpa's first game too ;-)

And then we stopped by the house on Monday.  He really loved it and didn't want to leave when it was time to go.  I think he'll love looking out this window :-)

He is going to miss our basement (and so am I...tornadoes terrify me).  But he walked in the attic and said, "I love this basement" LOL!

We had to wait for the realtor (for the house not ours) for a while and he wanted to go in so bad!

I'm going to try to get creative soon although I have to work on some things I can't share just yet ;-)  And I'll try to blog...the internet is not great here...

I'm very anxious to get back to a regular routine.  We'll see what happens since we will be in the apartment just long enough to get one then move, lol!  Thanks to everyone who's kept us in your thoughts and prayers over this time!  We appreciate it! <3 p="">
Happy stamping!


  1. How did I miss that you guys were moving?! I hope you get settled soon, and I hope Tulsa is good to your family. Sending creative vibes!

  2. For someone who really thrives on routine and the comfort of a routine, you sound like you are doing phenomenal with all these changes and a lil tiger in tow. The new house looks beautiful. Before long, you'll be all settled in and making a new routine. Have fun!


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