Friday, March 17, 2017

Fab Friday 108

Hi stampers!  I never knew selling a house in a much more urban area would be so stressful!  We had a few showings a week back home and here we have multiple ones a day!  I can't figure out when to stamp so there isn't a giant mess or I'm kicked out of my house in the middle or when do do my hang dry laundry lol!!!!

I did manage to whip up a quick card for this week's Fab Friday challenge at least!

I'm sort of in love with these colors and have MANY ideas for them even though I'm short on time!  Of course, succulents were the first thing that came to mind.  I also really like the addition of black with the softer colors.

This post will be short as I'm currently writing it at Panera while we show our house dinner time.  I'm not liking all the money and calories we are wasting by having to eat out.  And we're trying to entertain Ian until we can go home lol!  The showings this morning already cost me lunch at Chick Fil A and a new Thomas train at the bookstore lol!  And turns out it was all for not...the people who were supposed to have an appointment from 4:45-6 rang our bell at 7:15!!!!!  No call or no notice.  We are not happy.  Almost every showing has been a now show, super late, or just super difficult to schedule.  Send help!

Make sure to come play with us at Fab Friday!!!  We've had so many participants, it's awesome!

Happy stamping!

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