Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Moving Succs!

Hi stampers!  Is it only Wednesday?  :-)  They finally got our house on the market.  Have I mentioned I hate moving?  I've been trying to get some artisan stuff done and turned in so I haven't stamped at much as I'd like, I mean for fun anyway :-)  But now, I didn't get much done yesterday with the cleaning people here and someone wanted to see the house at dinner time with like 2 hours notice.  I'd already started dinner so I had to clean that up and then cut out.  So no stamping.  And now people keep wanting to see it at Ian's nap time.  The kid loves and NEEDS naps and takes a solid three hour nap in the afternoon and will NOT sleep anywhere but his crib really.   I hate to say no to showing but I hate him being crabby and miserable too!  I gave people an alternate time and then never heard back.'s so stressful and I'm finding it difficult to stamp.  We are officially leaving next Saturday though so hopefully I won't have to worry about it long.  Then I'll be worried about trying to figure out how to stamp in an apartment for a few weeks, ha!

Anyway, I feel like it should be Thursday or Friday by now already!  Having another raging sinus infection/headache isn't helping matters either.  I thought I was over it but it seems to have returned.  I guess I may have to go to the doctor.  Something else I try to avoid!

I guess these cards are pretty fitting for my mood right now :-)  I love the little puns you can make with the succulent set and our labeler alphabet.  I hope these don't offend any of my readers but I thought they were clever.   And sometimes you just need "that" kind of card.  Sometimes there isn't much else to say except something sucks.  Like moving ;-)  We really try not to say the S word with Ian repeating everything but like I said, occasionally there isn't a suitable alternative, at least in adult conversation!

I like that these cards are kind of elegant with the succulents but then a little snarky with the font and sentiment.  I pulled my colors from the succulent DSP.  The outline of each succulent is stamped full strength and each solid part is stamped off once.

Seriously, you just need this card right here sometimes!

And then there a lot of people I could send this to! I have some of the best friends, ever!

Anyway, that's the post for today.  I'll try to post when I can, wish us luck...on everything, ha!

Happy stamping!

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